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Toptrace Dairy

It is important to ensure that your animals have every opportunity to receive the essential trace elements and minerals during the transition period before and after calving and throughout the milking season when the immune system is stressed and animals may be susceptible to metabolic and other disorders.

Toptrace Dairy is an oral nutritional supplement containing trace elements commonly deficient in New Zealand dairy cows. The mineral levels in a daily dose of Toptrace Dairy are similar to the total requirements of a lactating dairy cow. When animals are receiving all the essential trace elements and minerals in a balanced formulation they will produce at their optimum levels.

Recommended Dose Rates:

Lactating Cow:   10 ml/day
Dry Cow:              7 ml/day
Young Stock:      3-5 ml/day

Please note:
Toptrace Dairy is not suitable for sheep. Toptrace Dairy is designed to compliment and add to the minerals already sourced from the traditional feed being consumed by the animal.

In-Line Dispenser Compatible:
Simple to administer - the liquid formulation of Toptrace Dairy is ideally suited to be administered through an in-line dispenser. It can also be administered by oral drench or added directly to water trough. It is compatible with other products normally put through in-line dispensers. Superior formulation - the trace elements cobalt, copper, and zinc are all chelated. As a result there are no sulphates, chlorides or other corrosive salts in Toptrace Dairy. Chelated minerals are animal friendly and far easier for the animal to absorb and are metabolised more efficiently. Toptrace Dairy is formulated with a seaweed base, which enhances the palatability and aids the uptake of the minerals. The seaweed base also contributes additional trace levels of other minerals such as chromium, iron, manganese, and calcium along with amino acids. The seaweed type ascophyllum nodosum used in Toptrace Dairy contains the highest level of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Toptrace Dairy does not contain unnecessary minerals but only these elements that are essential for top animal performance in New Zealand conditions, Formulated in New Zealand for New Zealand cows. Available in 20 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre containers. Free delivery to farm.



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