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Reaction Super Seaweed

A liquid seaweed concentrate with trace elements made from freshly harvested seaweed.

Super seaweed is fortifed with small amounts of major and minor fertilising elements. Formulated from Ascophyllum nodosum, it contains more than 25% w/w soluble solids.

Super Seaweed is a true liquid (not particles in suspension).

Super Seaweed can be applied on it’s own as a bio-stimulant but has the added bonus that when applied with other Chengeta products (e.g. Nutri-B, Nutri-Zinc, Nutri-Mag etc.) it enhances their translocation into the plant, tree vine etc.

Why you should use Super Seaweed:

  • Apply post harvest to prepare plants, trees and vines for next spring’s growth

  • Use in conjunction with specialist micronutrient solutions (e.g. boron, zinc, magnesium) to enhance their uptake when treating deficiencies

  • Mixes with most other sprays

  • Concentrated liquid that is easy to use

  • Fast acting

  • Some of the ingredients (e.g. betaines) reduce spray shock and other stresses

  • Other ingredients may increase plant disease and infestation resistance



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