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K-humate (liquid) is a concentrated soil conditioner available in a 26% (wt/vol) concentration.

K-humate soil conditioner is made from plant derived organic matter to benefit soil.



  • Stimulates growth of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria.

  • Provides readily available source of carbon for soil micro-organisms.

Chemical :

  • Good chelating properties which reduce loss of nutrients due to leaching and run-off.

  • Free-up many soil-bound nutrients, particularly phosphates, calcium and micro-nutrients.

  • Lock-up aluminium in acidic soils what are harmful to plant growth.

  • Good buffering capacity which help stabilise the soil against strong pH changes from the fertiliser applications.

Physical :

  • Promotes soil agglomeration and better soil structure.

  • Opens up heavy clays and hard, compact soils.

  • Helps soil wetting which reduces surface soil crusting and improves water penetration and retention in the soil.



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