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A Highly concentrated pure liquid kelp - 18g per litre Potassium.

Due to all the various natural plant hormones contained in this product, Nutri-Kelp assists in regulating multiple physiological process, including

  • Mediation of tropic responses
  • Expression of specific plant genes
  • Seed germination
  • Stem and leaf growth
  • Floral induction
  • Fruit growth
  • Root initiation
  • Root elongation
  • Root hair formation
  • Promotion of cell elongation and cell division
  • Apical dominance
  • Differentiation of vascular tissue
  • Ethylene biosynthesis


The benefits don’t stop there. Plants that receive Nutri-Kelp receive so much more:

  • Assistance in the uptake of key nutrients
  • Promoted root growth and vigour
  • Improved colouring in leaves
  • Improved recovery from stress
  • Promotes shoot growth, flowering and fruit set
  • Increased Ca absorption with leaf sprays
  • With Nutri-Kelp, even the soil benefits with this earth-friendly product.

The farm soil will benefit by an increase in microbial activity, a reduction in nutrient leaching, and improved water retention.


Nutri-Kelp can be used as a foliar or as a soil application.

Folior Application: 2 - 8 Litre/Ha
Soil Application: 5 - 8 Litre/Ha



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