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  • Delivers active ingredient treatments quickly and assists with rapid movement of active ingredient into the root system where its needed
  • Achieve peak concentrations of active ingredient in root system
  • Industry tested and proven
  • Easy and simple to use

A systemic fungicide for the control of Phytophthora in avocados. Stem-Shot AV-1 is a ready to use phosphite compound developed to control the fungus Phytophthora in avocado trees. Application is registered with the Stem Gun™ only. This method of treatment is very effective and faster than traditional means of injection.

Feedback from our STEMEX® contractors and growers is confirming what we always seen from our own trials. STEMEX ® saves time when compared to the traditional syringe method of application and time is money. Typically Phytophthora treatment on an orchard using traditional methods can take up to three weeks, now takes three days.



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