Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizers


Research has focused on demonstrating the efficiency of the Chengeta Nitrogen products. Independent research done by and by Ag Research has proven that Chengeta Nitrogen products have superior efficiency characteristics.

Rapid N –  (27% N + P,Zn, seaweed, regulator)
Ag Research has proven that RapidN has the following characteristics:

  • Four times more efficient than Urea power unit of N applied
  • Superior uptake in the first grazing after application
  • Cost effective
  • Provides grass with equivalent or better quality characteristics then Urea fed grass. 

Seaweed N – (UAN+ Seaweed)
Designed to provide good shooting N repainted with seaweed added for early season root simulation. 

Gibb N – N 32
Fortified with Gibberelic acid ideal for early spring growth.

Fertigate N – N32
Fortified with Sulphur ideal for Fertigating onto pasture and tree crops. 

UAN contains two forms of N (Urea and Ammonium Nitrate) providing for rapid and sustained uptake.

Chengeta Crop Care