The Effectiveness of Fertigate N

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Chengeta Crop Care has recently conducted a trial with FERTIGATE N on Rye-grass clover pasture in the North Canterbury area. The season has been very wet, sometimes limiting ground application. So application has been tested by air and by ground rig both being effective. The results below show the efficiency of these foliar applications, which will assist greatly in Nitrogen strategies.

The key issue in pasture production is reducing N or achieving more production per unit of N and cost effectiveness per ton of dry matter. FERTIGATE N proves efficiency per unit of N.



  • Rye grass / clover pasture (North Canterbury)
  • 4 weeks growth
  • FERTIGATE N applied at 15 L/ha
  • Urea applied at 80 kgs/ha
  • The cuts were 1 metre square out of a 6 by 4 plot
Fertigate N - Plot 1 DryMatter.png
Fertigate N - Plot 2 DryMatter.png
Fertigate N - CostPerTon.png
Fertigate N - DryMatterUnitOf_N.png
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