Chengeta Crop Care is a family owned business. 
The Clarke family has been involved in agriculture for several generations having been involved in farming enterprises and commercial trading enterprises in both the animal feed and fertilizer areas. 

Agriculture is changing rapidly and Chengeta Crop Care will focus on nutrition products that bring efficiency or innovation into crop growing.  Nutrition is moving to efficiency as we become more aware of the effects fertilizers are having on the environment.


Focus Areas

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizers
Chengeta provide a comprehensive range of nitrogen fertilizers with Key additives for pasture and animal production. Nitrogen with Seaweed, Sulphur and Gibberelic acid as additives.

Multi Element NPK Fertilizers
The Reaction Range -  Chengeta provide a range of specially formulated NPK mixes for pasture containing all the key trace elements for plant and animal health. 

Trace Elements
Chengeta has a full range of chelated and non chelated trace elements ideal for all forms of crop tree and pasture farming. 

Suplhur is a key macro element for all plants and Chengeta provide this in a convenient liquid form through a product called Super Sulphur.

Increasingly in modern agriculture it is recognised that Biostimulants     play a key role in efficient plant nutrition. Chengeta has a number has world class Humate and Kelp products in this space. 

Boron -  GREENBOR™  Organic Boron
GREENBOR™  is a calcium/magnesium borate that has a continuous release pattern facilitating boron release for more than one season.

Tablet technologies
Chengeta provides unique tablet technologies for treating various ailments in tree and vine crops. 

Stem gun applications
Chengeta has the rights to the “Stemgun” system for injecting avocados. This is a much more efficient application system than the current injecting systems , ensuring superior distribution in the tree or vine.  

Chengeta Crop Care