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Tracemol Lift

Tracemol Lift is a livestock supplement formulated to provide a range of minerals and vitamins essential for healthy growth and optimum production. Tracemol Lift contains a unique formulation of minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins blended into a rich palatable seaweed base.

When is Tracemol Lift used?

  • At stress times such as docking, calving and weaning when the animal’s demand for minerals and vitamins is high
  • Pre-mating when higher levels of minerals such as selenium or iodine are beneficial
  • When seasonal variations in pasture quality could result in less than optimal animal performance
  • Whenever pasture or supplements provide less than a complete diet
  • Where soils, and consequently pasture is deficient in materials required by stock
  • On hay and silage which are normally deficient in essential minerals even when those minerals were available at cutting time

How can Tracemol Lift be used?
It may be:

  • Oral drench
  • Added to water troughs
  • Poured on hay or grain
  • In milk used to rear calves


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