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  • Regulator is an essential trace element for ruminant health, animal temperament and wellbeing.  Levels of Nickel are generally low in New Zealand pastures and cows need 30 to 50 times more Nickel per day than they are currently accessing.
  • Nickel is a co-factor for many rumen-based enzyme reactions, it regulates protein synthesis, boosts levels of haemoglobin and stimulates production of red blood cells.
  • Nickel plays an interactive role in the functioning of several metabolic systems, by regulating plasma levels of copper, zinc, molybdenum and iron.  It also stimulates liver and kidney function, improves calcium uptake, zinc utilisation and synthesis of homocysteine.
  • Nickel plays an important role in reproduction via formation of luteinising hormones, vitamin B-12 and embryo development and enhancing the survival of offspring.
  • Nickel supplementation will improve conversion efficiency and improve animal health.

Regulator can:

  • Significantly improve milk yield
  • Improve nitrogen utilisation
  • Improve food quality of pasture
  • Improve animal health
  • Improve pasture health, leaf spots and rust

Deficiency symptoms
Implications of low Nickel levels in pasture – poor utilisation Nitrogen-based fertilizers, reduced grass health and uptake of nutrients.

Poor animal health including depressed growth, lack of thrift characterised by irritability, rough hair coat, altered iron metabolism, poor cycling and difficulty with conception as well as depressed levels of calcium, zinc, haemoglobin and red blood cell counts.

Application Rates:
Ready to use, no dilution required. For daily dosing use drench gun or Dosatron.
Dosing of cattle, 10 ml (230mg) per cow/day.
Dosing of adult sheep, 5 ml (115mg) per animal (once or twice a year).
Daily dosing of drinking water, 0.2ml/Litre (4.3mg).




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