Rapid N Plus features:

  • Two forms of nitrogen (immediate and sustained response).
  • Seaweed stimulates the grass.
  • Giberellic acid – increases dry matter production.
  • Elicitor – works with urease enzyme to provide Nitrogen efficiency.
  • For more information on how Rapid N Plus can make your nutrient budget easy, download the brochure on the right.

Reaction Rapid N Plus

  • A nitrogen fertilizer with activating agents to increase nitrogen efficiency.
  • Ideal for optimising your nutrient budget.  
  • AgResearch data shows up to 4 times more N efficiency than urea.
  • Includes patented ingredients that increase N efficiency and stimulate clover nodulation and growth.
  • Gives more yield per unit of N.
  • Grass quality is maintained - protein, starch, ME, digestibility- all score as good as conventional Nitrogen programmes.

Application Rates:
Rapid N Plus should be applied at 10-25 litres per ha.
Water Volume: Apply Rapid N Plus in a minimum of 10 litres per 1 litre of product.
NOTE: Lower water rates than those recommended may cause crop scorch.

Trials and Results:
Rapid N Plus has been trialed by independent authorities, in a range of different climatic conditions in seven different regions of New Zealand looking at pasture response when compared with Urea.

Rapid N Plus has consistently given as good or better responses than standard Urea.


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